Guida di Genova 2014

“Genoa city guide project”

The only free tourist guide of the town

My town is a small town but we have a lot to offer to a foreign!
The historical center, the see, the monuments, the culture, the shopping and the nightlife.

We chose to narrate all of this beautiful, but unknown, reality to you and we made this guide to make it possible.

I hope you enjoy it.



Art direction, cover, logo and inside graphics made by Constanza Rojas

uida di Genova”
è la guida a distribuzione gratuita che pone l’accento sull’offerta paesaggistica, storica, artistica e gastronomica di Genova.

Le tipiche creuze, gli scorci e le viste mozzafiato cullano il tuo viaggio nella Superba.

In bilico tra glorioso passato e incerto futuro, Genova ti accoglie bellissima e scontrosa per non lasciarti mai più …
Buon Viaggio!

Guida di Genova is a free guide; Its aim is to highlight what Genoa can offers in terms of landscapes, history, art and gastronomy. Its typical creuze (a genoese word almost equivalent to “mule track”) and the breathtaking views will lead you through your journey through Genoa. Beautiful and at the same time standoffish Genoa, suspended between its glorious past and uncertain future, will welcome you and never let you go …

Enjoy your journey!


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